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Weaver Associates

Established in 1976, Weaver Associates is a graphic design and creative solutions studio
based in the metro Atlanta area. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for clients
relying on technology to grow their business. Our clean approach to our client's
design challenges has been instrumental to their successes throughout the years.

Bill Weaver, Creative Director

Bill Weaver's unique graphic design abilities and vast technical and artistic skills
have developed and broadened throughout his extensive professional career, enabling him to master the full range of creative as well as managerial processes. For over thirty years
Mr.Weaver has served as founder and President of Weaver Associates, Inc.,
a full-service design studio located in the Atlanta area.

The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Mr.Weaver was selected as one of twenty-four web-producers worldwide to be partnered with RealNetwork in the development of new design concepts for the Internet. Mr.Weaver's creative talents have been reflective not only of his upscale creative style and sensitivity, but of his personal integrity as well.

Throughout the years, Mr.Weaver's expertise has been the catalyst to success for clients
such as The Zondervan Corporation, Provident Capital Management, JR Green & Associates,
South Carolina National Bank, Walk Thru The Bible, Inc., Top Flight, Inc., Word Records, Fleet Investment Services, Inc., Haggai Institute, AlphaCare Counseling Service, to mention just a few.

Successfully fulfilling the creative needs of the many clients he has worked with
throughout his distinguished career has been both stimulating and satisfying, however,
Mr. Weaver considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be maintaining long-standing relationships with those he has been privileged to serve. Additionally, Mr.Weaver has been afforded the honor of serving on the Board of Directors for several of his clients and associates.

We believe that by helping others achieve their goals, we achieve ours.





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